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We are a group of 4 girls, and recently in school we took part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. This initiative involved us choosing a charity in our local area which we thought deserved the donation of £3,000. Finally, we decided on the social issue of domestic abuse. As a group we feel strongly about this problem because now as young adults we have become more aware of people being taken advantage of. Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire represent and help towards the prevention of this issue.

 We discovered many shocking statistics about this social concern:

Every 10 minutes in Scotland there is a domestic attack

At least 1 in 5 women in Scotland will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime

From April-September this year, in South Lanarkshire there have been 924 reports of female victims and 813 children affected.

Also, we found that there are many types of domestic abuse from emotional to physical, which can include threats and isolation. In addition this has serious effects on the children including anxiety and disruption at school.

After some thorough research we learned that there are only 26 WASL refuge bases in South Lanarkshire which is not a lot considering the size of this area. We also admired how the charity works towards the support and empowerment of women and children. When we visited the charity we were particularly drawn to the art work on display which had been done during support sessions. We were also told about the areas and support programmes which WASL offer. We felt very moved by the work and stories and it made us even more determined to win for this amazing cause.

We found the experience really rewarding and we, along with Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire, have gained a lot from it. We are really proud of ourselves for winning the money and are sure that it will be put to great use to provide more help and support for anyone suffering.




Jean StevensonYouth and Philanthropy Initiative

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