Women’s Voices – Scottish women speak on prostitution

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The biggest mistake of my life – Katy’s story

A piece of meat, that’s all you are to the guys – Stephanie’s story

Scottish women talk about their experiences of being involved in prostitution, in two hard hitting short films recently by the Women’s Support Project and Zero Tolerance. 

Katy’s Story and Stephanie’s Story can be accessed via the Women’s Support Youtube channel



Katy and Stephanie were both involved in prostitution over a number of years and they talk of the realities of prostitution, how they were treated by ‘punters’, experiences of violence, and their hopes for the future.   These films will be useful for use in training and public education, and generally to raise awareness of the harm caused through prostitution.

The launch of the films is timely, given that the Scottish Government is currently undertaking research into the extent and impact of the sex industry in Scotland and Justice Analytical Services department is expected to produce a report in the near future 



Jean StevensonWomen’s Voices – Scottish women speak on prostitution