Privacy Policy

All contact with Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire and East Renfrewshire, whether by phone, email or in person, is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Individual visits to this website are recorded for statistical purposes in order to allow us to develop the best service we can.

These statistics only make note of:

Some technical details, such as the sort of browser or computer you’re using.

Whether you used a search engine to find our site, and what those search terms were.

The pages you viewed, and the duration of your stay on the site.

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address. For the majority of domestic users of the internet, the IP address is issued by your internet service provider. A general geographic location can be determined for such addresses – typically to within a few miles of your physical address.

To sum up: by visiting this site you can rest assured that we don’t know your name, home address or any other personal details, unless you provide them through personal contact with us.

Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire and East Renfrewshire will never give away any of the statistical data that it has acquired to any third party, excepting in compliance to any laws or regulations of the government or other official regulatory body.

For more details on safe browsing and how to cover your tracks, please look at our safety online link, situated at the bottom of this page.

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