Outreach Services – supporting women to believe in themselves…

The aim of this service is to enable women to gain emotional and practical support, discuss issues relating to their experiences, and to provide information and assistance for them whatever decisions they make.

Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire can support you if you wish to remain in your home or in other temporary accommodation. We can also meet you in a safe place, especially if you live in a rural area.

We offer one-to-one support to women in crisis situations or longer term support for those in ongoing domestic abuse situations. We also support women who have moved on from Refuge.

Naturally, support is confidential. Telephone and email support is also available.

Loves me…

·         Makes me feel safe
·         Makes me feel comfortable
·         Listens to me
·         Values my opinions
·         Supports what I want to do in life
·         Is truthful with me
·         Admits to being wrong
·         Respects me
·         Always tries to understand how I feel
·         Likes that I spend time with friends and family
·         Makes me laugh
·         Trusts me
·         Treats me as an equal
·         Respects my family and friends
·         Understands my need for time alone or with family and friends
·         Accepts me as I am

These are qualities of a healthy relationship

Loves me not…

·         Is jealous
·         Is possessive
·         Tries to control me
·         Gets violent, loses temper easily
·         Always blames me
·         Is sexually demanding
·         Keeps me from seeing my family and friends
·         Makes all the decisions
·         Makes fun of me in front of others
·         Hits me
·         Makes me cry
·         Makes me feel afraid
·         Is always checking up on me
·         Takes my money and other things
·         Threatens me if I don’t do as I am told
·         Teases, bullies and puts me down

If you recognise even one of these warning signs, you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic abuse.

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