Keeping Safe: Safety Plan for Children and Young People at Risk of Domestic Abuse

In an emergency I will always try to dial 999

The person who answers will ask me: “POLICE, FIRE, AMBULANCE”

I will then say: Police please

My call will then be immediately answered by the police service.

I will then need to then say:

My name is _______________________.

I am _______________________ years old.

I need help. Send the police quickly because someone is hurting my mum.

I will tell them what is happening, and that someone is hurting my Mummy/Mum.

I will tell them where I am in the house, and where my brothers/sisters are also.

The address here is _______________________.

The phone number here is _______________________ .

My mobile number is______________________________

If I don’t know the address or phone numbers then I will not worry but I will try to stay on the phone if I can.

If it isn’t safe for me to stay on the phone because the person who is hurting my Mum may find out that I have called for help, then I will tell the person on the phone that I need to put the phone down and leave it off the hook for safety reasons.

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