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Keeping Safe: Safety Plan for Children and Young People at Risk of Domestic Abuse

I want to see my Dad and my Mum has agreed that this can happen, or the court says I have to see my Dad.  It is important that whatever happens I think about my safety at all times when I have any contact or visit him.  To do this I will:

I will make sure that I if I store these numbers in my phone that I keep it save from the person who is hurting my Mummy/Mum.  I also need to remember that when I have finished phoning for help then anyone can pick up the phone after me, press ‘redial’ and be connected to the same number I have just called.  I can stop this happening by dialling a safe number after I hang up.

Sometimes helpline numbers will be listed on phone bills, so if I am worried about this I can call from someone else’s phone or from a phone box.