Keeping Safe: Safety Plan for Children and Young People at Risk of Domestic Abuse

I want to see my Dad and my Mum has agreed that this can happen, or the court says I have to see my Dad.  It is important that whatever happens I think about my safety at all times when I have any contact or visit him.  To do this I will:

  • Understand that he may ask me questions about my Mum and our life together.
  • I will sit down with my Mum, and my brothers and sisters, and we will think about the questions that he may ask and try to agree how we will answer them.
  • If my Dad does ask me questions then if I need to answer them to keep myself safe, and I have to tell him things I don’t want to tell him, then I will tell my Mum as soon as I can.
  • I will try to phone my Mum if I can during any contact visit.  I will agree with my Mummy/Mum a secret code word _______________________  that I will use to tell her I am not safe so that she can get help. If she doesn’t answer then I will leave her a message and use my special code word.

I will make sure that I if I store these numbers in my phone that I keep it save from the person who is hurting my Mummy/Mum.  I also need to remember that when I have finished phoning for help then anyone can pick up the phone after me, press ‘redial’ and be connected to the same number I have just called.  I can stop this happening by dialling a safe number after I hang up.

Sometimes helpline numbers will be listed on phone bills, so if I am worried about this I can call from someone else’s phone or from a phone box.

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