Keeping Safe: Safety Plan for Children and Young People at Risk of Domestic Abuse

My Mum and I do not live with _________________________ who is the person who hurts/has hurt them, But it is important that I remember that this does not mean that we are safe.  To try and keep us safe:

  • I will never tell this person where I live if it is a secret and they are not supposed to know.
  • I will never tell them where I go to school.
  • If this person knocks on the door of where we live I will never answer the door, I will call for help.
  • If this person tries to pick me up from school, or follows me, I will not go with them and will immediately tell someone else (my teacher, my friend’s parents, someone else that I can trust).
  • If I cannot get away from this person and they take me away, or kidnap me,  then I will:

Try to identify where I am going by looking at road signs, names of roads, schools, restaurants, churches so that when I ca I will be able to help people find me.

I can also tell someone I can trust (a police officer, a security guard, someone working in a shop/restaurant or _____________________) what has happened to me and ask them to get help.

If I am kidnapped I will remember that my Mummy/Mum loves me and will be looking for me, and getting other people to look after me.

The person who has taken me might tell me that they will kill my Mummy/Mum, or someone else I love, if I try to get help.  I will remember that my own safety is the most important and that my Mummy/Mum will be getting help to find me and protect us both.

  • I need to remember to be very careful when I am using internet social networking sites like Facebook, BBM, Twitter, MSN, Skype because the person who hurts my Mum could track us down in this way.  I will ask my friends not to put photographs or information on their sites either to protect my/our safety.

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