Keeping Safe: Safety Plan for Children and Young People at Risk of Domestic Abuse

When someone is hurting my Mummy/Mum and I am there

  • When someone hurts my Mum this is not my fault, and I should not try to stop them because I could get hurt.  Domestic abuse is against the law and nobody should ever hurt me my brothers and sisters, or my Mum.
  • The most important thing I can do to help my Mum, if abuse  is happening at home, is to get to safety and try to help my brothers/sisters be safe also.
  • When violence and abuse is happening  I/we can go to ___________________,  which is a safer room/place in the house.
  • If I can get out of my house I will go to ___________________________  (neighbour’s house, relative’s house etc) because I know that I will be safe there and they will be able to help me.

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