Domestic abuse is when a person hurts or bullies someone who they are in a relationship with or who is in the same family. Domestic abuse can happen between people who are boyfriend and girlfriend or who are married. It can happen to children, teenagers and adults.

What types of abuse are there?

Physical – slapping, pushing, kicking,
Emotional – putting someone down a lot, saying things that frighten someone
Sexual – making someone do sexual things that they don’t want to
Financial – taking away someone’s money, making it hard for them to get a job

It can happen when people live together or in different houses. Usually (but not always) it is the man who hurts the woman. Sometimes adults try to hide what is happening, but if you live with domestic abuse then you will probably hear and see what is happening. You may feel scared, hurt, angry, sad, confused. You may feel like you want to stop it, but this can be dangerous, it is important that you keep yourself safe. You may want to have a Safety Plan >

If this is happening in your family, remember that you are not alone. Domestic abuse happens in many families regardless of where they live or how old they are.  There are people you can talk to if you think this is happening in your home, or if you are worried it is happening to a friend.  Useful contact numbers can be found here >

Domestic abuse can keep on happening if the person is not stopped.  If someone in your family is being abusive, remember it’s not your fault.


The most important thing for children and young people to do is to speak to someone. Carrying a huge secret and worries around with you can make you feel like you might explode.   The best way to relieve all the tension is to tell somebody. Talking to your friends or trusted adults can really help. It can be really scary to open up to people, especially about things so personal. But, there are people who can help. If you don’t want to talk to an adult in your life about what is happening you can ask them to contact us at Women’s Aid South Lanarkshire for you.

We promise you will be listened to and believed. We understand about domestic abuse and we know that it happens a lot. We know that what is happening is not your fault. You will get help and you will have a say in how we help you – your views will always be taken into account and you will be involved in any action. Nothing will happen behind your back. If you contact us by phone, text or email you do not need to give your real name or address. Your privacy will be respected – if you confide in us we will not give information about you to other people unless we think you or another child has been or might be hurt. If we think it is necessary to give information to other people, we will ask for your permission. We will tell you what information we will give, to whom and why. We don’t put any timeframe on the support we provide, you can speak to us only once, or every week for a year.

We can talk to you on the phone, on email, at your house or school or you can come into our offices. You can contact us here >

WASLER have produced a children’s DVD titled “I found a Friend”, the link is below


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